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Auraya Named in Top 10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Companies of 2021

Angelo Gajo | November 23, 2021  | 3 minutes


Aspioneer Names Auraya a Top 10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Company for the Year 2021 for its secure and frictionless voice biometric technology.

[SYDNEY, AUS, November 23, 2021] – Auraya, a voice intelligence company, announces today that it has been selected by Aspioneer into its top 10 most trusted companies of 2021.

Aspioneer has selected 10 cybersecurity companies that it has deemed most trustworthy. These companies include Auraya, MIS3, Nexagate, Hyperproof, SafeLogic, NTT, Red Sift, Salt Communications, Omnistruct and vSEC LLC.

Auraya’s mission is to empower people and organizations to interact and engage with convenience and security through voice biometrics.

Auraya delivers its voice biometric solutions via its EVA suite of application templates.

EVA Web, a second-factor voice biometric authentication for web browsers, allows users to verify their identity through voice, forgoing insecure PINs, passwords, and OTPs. EVA Forensics, a real-time fraud detection tool, enables organizations to detect and flag suspicious and known fraudsters in real-time, improving security and mitigating the risks of a breach. Lastly, EVA for Contact Centers is a voice biometric extension for on-premise or cloud-based contact centers, allowing for expanded self-service options in the IVR through delightful and secure identity verifications.

Auraya has partnered with technology integrators and platform providers to deliver Auraya’s advanced technology for secure and frictionless ID&V and fraud detection capabilities. You can read more about Auraya’s story via Aspioneer’s magazine issue, which can be read through this link:

About Aspioneer

Aspioneer is a trusted platform that aims to help businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing relevant and up-to-date expertise and information. Their writers are experts in their fields and publish up-to-date articles, covering a vast number of sectors.

About Auraya

Auraya is a voice intelligence company with the mission of empowering people and organizations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages. Auraya develops next-gen voice biometrics technology to deliver easy-to-use and highly secure authentication and fraud detection capabilities. Auraya provides its technology to a global network of partners who incorporate Auraya’s voice biometric technology into their secure, customer-facing applications and fraud detection solutions. The ecosystem of partners delivers solutions in all industries including government, education, healthcare, financial services, retail services, and telecommunications. If you would like to talk to the team at Auraya, send us an email at


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