Provide delightful and secure customer experience in any channel and any language with Auraya’s next-gen voice biometrics techonology.

Lady using smart phone for voice authentication

Next-Gen Voice Biometrics Technology

Faster, more accurate, easy to consume and language independent

ArmorVox™ Core Engine
Developed by Auraya, ArmorVox is the next-gen voice biometric engine capable of providing a full suite of voice biometric capabilities in any channel and any language, improving customer experience and information security

EVA for Amazon Connect
Powered by ArmorVox, EVA is an easy-to-consume, cloud-based voice biometric extension for telephony and digital channels providing voice identification & verification and fraud detection capabilities.

Benefits of Voice Biometrics Integration

Improving security and customer experience while reducing costs

  • Delightful customer and agent experience
  • Improved security outcomes for every user
  • Reduced chance of twin/near-neighbour attacks
  • Real-time detection of potential and known fraudsters
  • Reduced global regulatory compliance costs
  • Reduced agent-handling times

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Auraya's Main Customer Industries

The biggest industries integrating Auraya’s voice biometrics technology

Financial Services
Health Services
Retail Services

Some of Auraya's Trusted Reseller Partners

Integrate voice biometrics with the help of highly skilled and qualified reseller partners


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