Cloud-Based Service

EVA is a ready-to-install, cloud-based voice biometric extension for digital channels that utilises our very own ArmorVox™ engine.

It is currently available on Amazon Connect, delivering secure and accurate voice identification and verification capability as a standard feature. Customise the application using the standard Amazon Connect orchestration resources to modify call flows, functionality, business rules, reporting and agent screen displays.

Secure Platform

Powered by Amazon Web Services, you can implement and deploy EVA on any Amazon Connect enabled public cloud-based contact centre services. EVA is ready for immediate use and you can roll out our voice biometric application to customers right away. Customise the application seamlessly and use your customer account numbers, phone numbers or any other identification that is unique to your business. Verify and authenticate your customers using the power of their voice.

OpenID Connect 1.0

OpenID Connect 1.0 adds an additional identity layer on top of the well-known OAuth 2.0 resource authorisation standard. These standards are now the default way to provide federated trust and single-sign-on functionality across organisations. 

With an additional authentication layer, EVA is able to provide enhanced security and frictionless experience through a range of clients whether it be web-based HTML5, on mobile or JavaScript.

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