EVA for Amazon Connect

EVA for Amazon Connect

EVA is a cloud-based voice biometric connector for Amazon Connect that delivers an easy to use, secure voice biometric verification capability. EVA leverages next generation ArmorVox technology to deliver frictionless customer experience for easy and secure identity verification. With EVA you can start using voice biometric capability on your Amazon Connect Service immediately.

Voice biometrics for call centres

Voice biometrics is the most secure and reliable way of verifying user identity. Every individual has a unique voice with over 150 key markers/ characteristics – EVA leverages ArmorVox machine learning algorithms to optimize verification accuracy. Individuals verify their identity by speaking a phrase into a microphone – EVA compares this phrase with an enrolled phrase and returns a verification outcome. You can customize the spoken phrase for your business.


Set up voice biometrics within minutes

EVA is ready for immediate use – you can roll out voice biometrics to customers right away. We've made it so easy - you don't need technical expertise for set-up.

Secure, reliable and faster identity verification

EVA leverages next generation voice biometric technology – ArmorVox to deliver superior security and customer experience outcomes

Easy to customize
Customize EVA with customer account numbers, phone numbers or any other identification that is unique for your business. Individuals can speak what they want - and their voice gets verified.


Frictionless identity verification
User experience that delights customers
Secure and reliable ID&V
Shorter call times improve experience


Secure Enrolling Process

Reliable Verifying Process

Easy Password Resets