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Shadowtrack offers an innovative solution to the corrections industry - by leveraging ArmorVox voice biometrics technology, it offers a costeffective and reliable solution for tracking offenders with random, scheduled, inbound or outbound calls from any authorized telephone such as home, work, rehab, or school. Today, Shadowtrack has over 28,000 offenders and 342 courts enrolled in their voice biometrics platform, provided by Auraya Systems.
Shadowtrack leverages multifactor authentication technology, both voice biometrics and facial recognition, to monitor and track offenders in home detention, offering a costeffective and secure alternative to imprisonment of offenders. At the core of Shadowtrack’s operations is highly reliable and accurate voice recognition technology ArmorVox which uses both speech and speaker recognition to monitor offenders. Shadowtrack had tested various biometric solutions for two years before deciding to go with ArmorVox by Auraya Systems to replace its previous US voice biometric supplier. The complete voice biometrics solution by Auraya Systems helps Shadowtrack in expanding the application into other solutions such as offender self reporting, prison telephone monitoring and global markets for immigration/asylum seekers. "As well as exceeding our accuracy requirements; ArmorVox offers so much more than our existing supplier. ArmorVox text-independent, fast-cross matching and language independent capabilities, which unlike the competition, are standard features of the ArmorVox product, allowing us to not only identify the offender, but identify who they are speaking to irrespective of the language being used." Robert Magaletta, CEO and President, Shadowtrack.

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