Reseller Accreditation Workshops

Auraya’s Resellers become accredited once they have completed the ArmorVox and EVA voice biometric technology workshops. The six Accreditation workshops provide participants with all the knowledge necessary to deploy, customise and support their customers’ solutions. 

Each Accredited reseller has at least one one person who has successfully completed the workshop program and is nominated as a primary technical contact. This person has sufficient technical competence and skill on Auraya’s ArmorVox and/or EVA Voice Biometrics solution suite to provide training and support to other technical teams in the reseller organisation.


Schedule for a Reseller Workshop Program

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Workshops for Auraya's Reseller Customers

Auraya can also provide tailored and structured Workshops for our Reseller’s Customers. These workshops include EVA Forensics Console reporting, features, functions and user customisation. Reach out to us to inquire about these workshops.

Reseller Workshop Structure​

Auraya Resellers can choose to complete the workshops within a time frame that suits them. Workshops are limited to 6 attendees, although Workshop One can have additional attendees where members of an organisations sales and product management and solution architects can attend to understand the details of where voice biometrics can be used, and how voice biometric solutions can deliver various use case benefits; and how Auraya voice biometric solutions are differentiated from alternative technologies.


Workshop 1 – High Level Voice Biometrics Overview
(3 Hours Duration)

This workshop:

  •  Addresses Auraya’s recommended high level solution design including token selection, identification strategies and agent interaction. The discussion will include lessons learnt from both successful and unsuccessful deployments and important lessons on system performance testing prior to production release and suggestions for longer term system support.
  • Will address various use cases and their benefits to client organisations. Auraya technology will also be compared to alternative voice biometric technology to explain how Auraya patented capabilities can be used to deliver better outcomes from a user convenience, system security,  multi channel usage and speed to deploy perspective.

Workshop 2 – Understanding the Verification Component in an EVA Solution Template
(3 Hours Duration)

This workshop:

  • Explores different verification processes included in the EVA solution templates and addresses how and when to use active learning to improve voiceprint performance.
  • Discusses the options for storing relevant system logs and events so that data is available from the system to create ‘real-time’ and historical reports for enterprise reporting systems. Licence reporting reports will also be discussed in this workshop.

Workshop 3 – Understanding the Enrollment Component in an EVA Solution Template
(3 Hour Duration)

This workshop:

  • Addresses how the EVA solution template can use CLID and other device based  or user input as the primary ‘identify’ function. This workshop will also address error handling processes and discuss the options for collecting and storing data for system reporting.
  • Will also include examples of prompts and processes that deliver superior outcomes on previous deployments and examples of prompts that have been found to deliver poor user experience.

Workshop 4 – Agent Desktop/ CTI Integration/ Result Management
(3 Hour Duration)

This workshop:

  • Explores how the EVA Solution Template can provide agent interaction capability. Participants will explore the standard agent interaction components that enable an agent to authorize an enrolled voiceprint to be associated with an individual. 
  • Will assist participants understand what controls an agent needs to successfully complete an enrollment and how to invoke the active learning function to improve voiceprint performance during manual verifications. Participants will also explore options to provide the agent information and controls in various agent desktop configurations.

Workshop 5 – Fraud Management
(3 Hours Duration)

This workshop explores the EVA Forensic solution template:

  •  Addresses how audio from historical recordings can be treated to create fraudsters  or persons of interest voiceprints.
  • Provides participants with the capability to create alerts, schedule fraud scans, create reports and use all console functions.
  • Addresses the options that can be used to establish security and trust with browsers that are used for the management console.

Workshop 6 – ArmorVox Performance Optimization
(3 Hours Duration)

This workshop:

  • Will explore how ArmorVox can be optimized to improve its security performance and usability.
  • This workshop also addresses how to configure QA settings to get the best outcome in terms of enrollment success rate whilst achieving the optimum FA/FR performance.
  • Enables participants to run cross matches on subsets of the enrolled population to create DET curves to evaluate security performance and understand the False Reject Rate trade off at various False Accept Rates.

Workshop 7 – Additional Curated Workshops
(Experts and Beyond)

Where a Reseller has successfully completed all six workshops and would like to extend their knowledge and qualifications on Auraya’s voice biometric technologies, the Reseller can schedule additional workshops with modules tailored specifically to their needs.


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