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Everything you need to know about ArmorVox.

Why is ArmorVox easy to deploy?

ArmorVox is easy to deploy because:

  • ArmorVox uses a webs services architecture with cloud and on-premise architectural options that will suit all requirements.
  • ArmorVox uses published APIs to integrate to IVRs, websites, CRMs and digital applications.
  • ArmorVox uses machine learning to self-tune and automatically set system and individual thresholds.
  • ArmorVox comes complete with exemplar apps for IVRs, websites and SDKs for Android and iOS.
  • ArmorVox can use text dependent, text independent and text prompted tokens – which means there are more enrolment options, therefore, a faster uptake by users.
  • ArmorVox can use historical recordings to bulk upload user voice prints and can use digital channels to speed new user enrolments.

What is ArmorVox Fraudster List?

Auraya has developed fast voice cross-matching capability to detect and track fraud in call centres using Hot Lists to address the increasing threat posed by these socially engineered attacks and the misuse of stolen personal information. ArmorVox fast cross-matching is designed to implement fast speaker identification required in real-time fraud detection and tracking. Operating at over 2,000,000 cross-matches per minute, this function is used to determine if a speaker is a known fraudster in call centre, law enforcement, national security and prison services applications.

How does Impostor Mapping work?

ArmorVox uses a patented Impostor Map process to “wash” every new enrollee through the data base of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voice prints. Voice prints of known fraudsters can be enrolled from historical recordings of conversations that were later found to be fraudulent. ArmorVox can be used to defend against hacker attacks in digital and telephone channels.