Voice Biometrics in Retail Services

Retail Services

With the retail industry constant evolving, companies are looking to provide new, unique customer experiences through technological means. Companies can do just that with voice biometrics. Using ArmorVox, retail companies can provide enriched experiences using their customers’ voiceprints such as voice payment authentication, voice login for browsers and mobile apps, and voice authentication in chat bots. ArmorVox can be implemented in any telephony or digital channels such as customer support call centres, e-commerce browser website, mobile shopping applications and support chat bots.

With patented features such as Active Learning and Fused Modes, and fast crossmatching capabilities of over one million voiceprints per minute, customer experience becomes seamless and accurate. Moreover, features such as Impostor Mapping, Synthetic Voice Detection and Liveness Detection ensures that your customers’ personally identifiable information and data such as names, addresses and credit card details are protected via unique customer voiceprints.

ArmorVox Capabilities

ArmorVox voice biometrics on Apple family
  • Contact Centres ​​Actively or passively authentication customer identity and reduce agent-handling times.
  • Digital Apps Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high-risk and high-value transactions for customers on digital apps.
  • Password Resets Automate seamless voice-enabled password resets to improve user experience and save valuable time.
  • Voice E-Signatures Implement legally binding transaction authoridation securely and conveniently through user voiceprints as e-signatures.
  • Impostor Mapping Automatically wash every new enrollee through the database of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voiceprints.
  • Fraudster List Detect and track fraud using fraudster lists in real-time by cross-matching over one million voiceprints per minute.

Spotlight Case

Telstra Retail

Telstra achieved their target reduction in average handling time by implementing our ArmorVox biometric engine.

“it’s pretty awesome. I can’t say enough about how well Auraya designed the voice biometrics portal. The portal is designed around keeping the cost low and also making sure that sensitive customer details are secure. Telstra recently engaged Auraya to pilot our Voice Biometrics in our PACC team. Auraya worked with Telstra internal IT to help design the platform. Auraya helped with a successful roll out of the new authentication platform. Auraya’s ArmorVox voice biometric authentication technology allowed us to achieve our target of 15 seconds reduction in average handling time and focus on providing better customer service.”
— Ash Kumar, Contact Strategy, Credit Risk and Global Financial Services at Telstra


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