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ArmorVox Next Generation Voice Biometrics for Retail

With ArmorVox for retail, you can secure all your channels – ensuring that both you and your customers are well protected. It’s never been so simple, easy and efficient. Our product can be easily integrated and deployed across all channels, providing a seamless experience for all your stakeholders. Moreover, our built-in security features ensure that security and customer satisfaction are never compromised. Our patented Impostor Map alerts you of potential duplicate enrollees and ArmorVox’s fast cross matching with hot lists and fraudster lists alerts you to fraudulent activity in real time, so you are well positioned to act and protect the organisation.

Telstra achieved their target reduction in average handling time and customers benefited from a seamless experience by implementing ArmorVox.

”It’s pretty awesome. I can’t say enough about how well Auraya designed the voice biometrics portal. The portal is designed around keeping the cost low and also making sure that sensitive customer details are secure. Telstra recently engaged Auraya to pilot our Voice Biometrics in our PACC team. Auraya worked with Telstra internal IT to help design the platform. Auraya helped with a successful roll out of the new authentication platform. Auraya’s ArmorVox voice biometric authentication technology allowed us to achieve our target of 15sec reduction in AHT and focus on providing better customer service.” Ash Kumar, Contact Strategy, Credit Risk and Global Financial Services at Telstra


Digital Apps

Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high risk and high value transactions for customers on digital apps. With a single step verification process, you can double the security while greatly enhancing user experience.

DIY Password Resets

Empower customers and employees to reset passwords on the go using their voice. Automating password resets saves you time, cost and money - and boosts business productivity.

Contact Centre

By automating customer authentication using voice biometrics, you can reduce agent handling time by 10 - 15%. Agents can directly handle customer enquiries and boost overall organizational productivity and efficiency.

Impostor Map

Impostor Maps “wash” every new enrollee through the data base of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voice prints. Voice prints of known fraudsters can be enrolled - helping you proactively manage fraud.

Fraudster & Recent Activator Lists

Detect and track fraud using Fraudster Lists. ArmorVox fast cross-matching, operates at over 2,500,000 cross-matches per minute in real-time fraud detection and tracking. 

Voice E-Signatures

By empowering customers to use their voice as e-signatures, you can implement legally binding transaction authorization securely and conveniently.

With ArmorVox, it's a secure, seamless experience across all channels for all your key stakeholders. Voice your interest today.


Business Productivity

 Dramatically reduce handling time per customer in the call centre | Allow more self service in the IVR and digital channels | Reduced effort needed to handle complaints related to fraud Eliminate post call authorization processes as digital signatures are automatic | Agent engagement increases by eliminating frustrating manual verification

Cost Savings

Dramatically reduce costs as digital channels can verify secure transactions | Eliminate SMS charges | Eliminate RSA tokens for secure log on and out of band authentication | Reduced cost to confirm transactions with mail outs and manual processes | Eliminate password reset costs | Biometric verification lowers the cost of regulatory compliance with AML and KYC

Delight Customers

No more pins and passwords to remember! People value privacy | All digital transactions will become easy, convenient and secure | Empower customers with the latest technology and security offering | Customer satisfaction improvements by eliminating frustrating manual verification process

Team Member Engagement

Implement automated verification to greatly improve agent engagement | Allow agents to work from home knowing that only authenticated agents are talking to clients | Positive agent engagement equals better customer satisfaction and reduced agent turnover

Manage Fraud Proactively

Identify and mitigate fraud in real-time | Go from being reactive to proactive at managing fraudsters and nuisance callers | Retain a database of fraudsters and suspected fraudsters | Share real fraud data across the enterprise and across the industry 

Security Benefits

Deploy trusted transaction and communication online | Connect voice biometrics to other security and threat indicators to provide enterprise wide security for all channels | Add a layer of security to chat, social media and watches | Lower the cost of compliance by using voice biometrics | Offer trusted secure service from kiosks and bots


The ROI on Voice Biometrics: Cost Savings to Organizations

The cost of manual authentication in call centres can be anywhere between 10% and 15% of the total people cost of the contact centre. By implementing voice biometrics, the biggest cost saving comes from eliminating the need for customers to call a contact centre – because they can complete their transaction or enquiry in their preferred digital channel securely.

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ArmorVox four digit random challenge

At Auraya, we take security seriously. Which is why we designed the four digit random challenge – to keep impostors out. Building on ArmorVox’s highly secure text-prompted voice biometric function; we have introduced a new feature; a simple four digit random challenge response. This capability helps defeat tape recorder attacks across channels.

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Overcoming security vulnerabilities with Next Generation Voice Biometrics

A recent BBC article detailed a voice biometric breach that occurred when a journalist gained access to his twin brother’s HSBC bank account. The article exposes some common flaws in the design of legacy voice biometric solutions. A well-designed system would consider the threat model of adversaries so that the risks of a breach are well managed. 

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