It is more important now than ever to protect sensitive personal data contained within medical records, as security threats around identity theft are becoming increasingly common. Voice biometrics provides a solution to that problem and more. With ArmorVox, you can authorize individuals to access data securely. Trust in the security of your data is enhanced as a voice signature is attached to each access request. Make voice the additional security factor for access to your secure data. Our active learning feature ensures that we are constantly adapting to your voice, making our security features stronger. It is so easy to implement and use it will become a preferred choice of interaction for physicians, patients and staff.


Contact Centres

Automate customer identification and authentication processes and reduce agent handling times.

Digital Apps

Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high risk and high value transactions for customers on digital apps.

Password Resets

Automate voice-enabled password resets to improve user experience and saves valuable time.

Voice E-Signatures

Implement legally binding transaction authorization securely and conveniently through users’ voice prints as e-signatures.

Impostor Mapping

Automatically wash every new enrollee through the database of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voice prints. 

Fraudster List

Detect and track fraud using fraudster lists in real-time by cross-matching over 25,000,000 voice prints per hour.


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New South Wales Health

Auraya has successfully delivered automatic password resets for the Health Services Support Business Unit of New South Wales Health in partnership with Telstra. The system resides in Telstra’s cloud service. Secure, automated password resets allow health service professionals, temporary staff and contractors to obtain and change their password 24 hours a day, 7 days a week conveniently. This saves time and money for the organization and boosts productivity, privacy and security.


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