ArmorVox Next Generation Voice Biometrics for Healthcare

It is more important now than ever to protect sensitive personal data contained within medical records, as security threats around identity theft are becoming increasingly common. Voice biometrics provides a solution to that problem and more. With ArmorVox, you can authorize individuals to access data securely. Trust in the security of your data is enhanced as a voice signature is attached to each access request. Make voice the additional security factor for access to your secure data. Our active learning feature ensures that we are constantly adapting to your voice, making our security features stronger. It is so easy to implement and use it will become a preferred choice of interaction for physicians, patients and staff.

New South Wales Health implements automated password resets with voice biometrics technology ArmorVox.

Auraya has successfully delivered automatic password resets for the Health Services Support Business Unit of New South Wales Health in partnership with Telstra. The system resides in Telstra’s cloud service. Secure, automated password resets allow health service professionals, temporary staff and contractors to obtain and change their password 24 hours a day, 7 days a week conveniently. This saves time and money for the organization and boosts productivity, privacy and security.


Digital Apps

Secure second-factor authentication for enabling patient approvals and transactions on digital apps. With a single step verification process, you can double the security while greatly enhancing user experience.

DIY Password Resets

Empower patients and employees to reset passwords on the go using their voice. Automating password resets saves you time, cost and money - and boosts business productivity. Secure resets any time, anyplace and from any device.

Voice secure log-on for patients and staff

By automating customer authentication using voice biometrics, you can reduce costs involved with manual authentication and boost overall organizational productivity and efficiency. Prevent medical identity theft and insurance fraud in your contact centres.

Advanced Security Suite

Implement ArmorVox advanced security suite to protect your patients and healthcare professionals from medical identity theft and insurance fraud. With our cross matching capability, you can identify and mitigate fraud in real-time.

Rostering, Facilities Management and Access Control

Ensure only authorized individuals can access sensitive data, and provide access and control to internal and external teams to uphold maximum security for your patients and physicians.

Voice E-Signatures

By empowering patients to use their voice as e-signatures, you can implement legally binding transaction authorization securely and conveniently.

ArmorVox saves you time, effort and money, where you need it the most. Forget pen and paper, forget point and click - it's faster and more secure to verify with voice.


Business Productivity

 Dramatically reduce handling time per patient in hospitals and contact centres | Reduced effort needed to handle complaints related to fraud | Eliminate post call authorization processes as digital signatures are automatic

Cost Savings

Dramatically reduce costs as digital channels can verify secure transactions | Eliminate SMS charges | Eliminate RSA tokens for secure log on and out of band authentication | Reduced cost to confirm transactions with mail outs and manual processes | Eliminate password reset costs | Biometric verification lowers the cost of regulatory compliance with AML and KYC

Delight Patients

No more pins and passwords to remember! People value privacy | All digital transactions will become easy, convenient and secure | Empower patients with the latest technology and security offering | Patient satisfaction improvements by eliminating frustrating manual verification process

Empower physicians and healthcare professionals

Implement automated verification to greatly improve physician satisfaction | Positive team engagement equals better customer satisfaction and reduced turnover | Empower professionals with maximum security and privacy with personal records and transactions

Manage Fraud Proactively

Identify and mitigate fraud in real-time | Go from being reactive to proactive at managing fraudsters and nuisance callers | Retain a database of fraudsters and suspected fraudsters | Share real fraud data across the enterprise and across the industry 

Security Benefits

Deploy trusted transaction and communication online | Connect voice biometrics to other security and threat indicators to provide enterprise wide security for all channels | Add a layer of security to chat, social media and watches | Lower the cost of compliance by using voice biometrics | Offer trusted secure service from kiosks and bots


Voice biometrics is transforming customer experience today.

Biometrics shift focus from what you know to what you are. Biometrics use physiological or behavioral characteristics to recognize who you are, and provide highly secure identification and personal verification

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The next generation in voice biometrics is here.

Designed to delight and deliver seamless customer journeys. Powered for consistency in omni-channel enterprise performance. The next generation in biometrics by Auraya transforms user experience and enhances customer loyalty. At the heart of our system lies design that makes authentication of your customers simple, fast and intuitive.

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Overcoming security vulnerabilities with Next Generation Voice Biometrics

A recent BBC article detailed a voice biometric breach that occurred when a journalist gained access to his twin brother’s HSBC bank account. The article exposes some common flaws in the design of legacy voice biometric solutions. A well-designed system would consider the threat model of adversaries so that the risks of a breach are well managed. 

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