Voice Biometrics in Government


It is critical that the right services is provided to the right people to ensure efficient and successful benefits. It is also important to ensure fraudulent attempts to obtain non-entitled services are mitigated. With ArmorVox voice biometrics, implement voice identification and voice verification capabilities into your solution systems to ensure proper services are rendered to the right customers. Use voice biometrics for services such as proof-of-life pension disbursement to ensure that no fraudsters are attempting to steal money that is not theirs. ArmorVox can also be implemented in government services that requires proof of identification such as electronic online voting solutions or simply, just accessing government services.

ArmorVox generates unique voiceprints, individual to each user, allowing for accurate and secure voice authentication. With patented features such as Impostor Mapping, Sythentic Voice Detector and Liveness Detector, rest assured that fraudulent activities will be flagged and detered from succeeding. Additionally, with ArmorVox’s fast crossmatching capability of over one million voiceprints per minute, you can monitor any identification and verification activities as well as fraud activities, in real time.

ArmorVox Capabilities

ArmorVox voice biometrics on Apple family
  • Contact Centres ​​Actively or passively authentication customer identity and reduce agent-handling times.
  • Digital Apps Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high-risk and high-value transactions for customers on digital apps.
  • Password Resets Automate seamless voice-enabled password resets to improve user experience and save valuable time.
  • Voice E-Signatures Implement legally binding transaction authoridation securely and conveniently through user voiceprints as e-signatures.
  • Impostor Mapping Automatically wash every new enrollee through the database of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voiceprints.
  • Fraudster List Detect and track fraud using fraudster lists in real-time by cross-matching over one million voiceprints per minute.

Spotlight Case

New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government has achieved 2.7 million citizen enrolments since the implemention of ArmorVox. This accounts for around 75% of New Zealand’s adult population. Vodafone New Zealand, in collaboration with Salmat (now Probe), delivered the voice identification and verification project as a managed service for the government. Auraya was chosen as the voice biometric technology supplier for the managed service and provided high level consulting services for security and usability issue. The New Zealand Government has actively engaged Auraya in marketing and promotional activities during implementation of the solution to ensure user acceptance and accelerated adoption.


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