ArmorVox has been designed to deliver improved customer experience and optimum security, and Auraya continues to pursue this goal. Our patented Impostor Mapping process has been designed to put you in charge of identifying duplicate enrollees. ArmorVox’s fast cross-matching with fraudster lists and hot lists help you identify fraudsters in real time – which means you get to proactively manage fraudsters. The security benefits are delivered while empowering citizens to access services securely, conveniently and privately with their voice. Every individual’s voice print is unique – which means you can be sure that using our technology will support your vision of serving citizens more safely and securely.


Contact Centres

Automate customer identification and authentication processes and reduce agent handling times.

Digital Apps

Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high risk and high value transactions for customers on digital apps.

Password Resets

Automate voice-enabled password resets to improve user experience and saves valuable time.

Voice E-Signatures

Implement legally binding transaction authorization securely and conveniently through users’ voice prints as e-signatures.

Impostor Mapping

Automatically wash every new enrollee through the database of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voice prints. 

Fraudster List

Detect and track fraud using fraudster lists in real-time by cross-matching over 25,000,000 voice prints per hour.


New Zealand Government logo

New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government has achieved 2.7 million citizen enrolments since the implemention of ArmorVox. This accounts for around 75% of New Zealand's adult population. Vodafone New Zealand, in collaboration with Salmat (now Probe), delivered the voice identification and verification project as a managed service for the government. Auraya was chosen as the voice biometric technology supplier for the managed service and provided high level consulting services for security and usability issue. The New Zealand Government has actively engaged Auraya in marketing and promotional activities during implementation of the solution to ensure user acceptance and accelerated adoption.


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