Handling money requires strict responsibilities. Especially with digital transactions, there are great risks involved in conducting their services. High-valued transactions pose great risks and can often leave customers restless due to trust and security concerns. Additionally, financial services must maintain a high level of compliance to meet standards, policies and regulatory compliance. 

Through voice biometrics, companies can utilise ArmorVox’s seamless and secure voice identification and verification capabilities to ensure that the right people are involved in any financial transactions. Improve customer experience and security through ArmorVox’s frictionless and seamless voice biometric capabilities. Utilise ArmorVox’s Impostor Mapping and Synthetic Voice Detectors to respectively keep tabs on similar sounding voice prints (such as twins) and deter pre-recorded voices or generated voices.

Implement voice biometrics security capabilities in any telephony or digital channels such as contact call centres, websites, mobile apps and chat bots. Whether you are a financial bank, credit union, savings and laon associations, insurance companies or any other financial organisations, ArmorVox can help optimise your security, regulatory and csutomer experience. Avoid being the next data breach victim and protect and satisfy your customers’ security interests now.


Contact Centres

Actively or passively authentication customer identity and reduce agent-handling times.

Digital Apps

Secure second-factor authentication for enabling high-risk and high-value transactions for customers on digital apps.

Password Resets

Automate seamless voice-enabled password resets to improve user experience and save valuable time.

Voice E-Signatures

Implement legally binding transaction authoridation securely and conveniently through user voiceprints as e-signatures.

Impostor Mapping

Automatically wash every new enrollee through the database of existing enrollees to identify potential duplicate voiceprints. 

Fraudster List

Detect and track fraud using fraudster lists in real-time by cross-matching over one million voiceprints per minute.


Bank of New Zealand logo

Bank of New Zealand

Within weeks of implementation with the Bank of New Zealand, over 300,000 customer calls were recorded and analysed successfully. The wide range of accents in New Zealand, along with the use of different Maori languages and Asian and Pacific Island languages and accents, were enrolled by ArmorVox and verified with great accuracy and precision. Within 14 months of operation, 47% of customers verified their voice prints every day. Targeting the high-frequency calling database has helped the Bank of New Zealand save time and money spent on manual authentication, all while empowering their customers with more secure and easy banking experience.



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