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Auraya's Partner Network

Auraya's ecosystem extends to highly qualified and skilled partner organizations who help us develop solutions that transform businesses and create value for customers. We partner with call centres and IVR, telecommunication and managed service providers, system integrators, speech recognition and multi-factor authentication providers, identity management companies and mobile security providers.

Inference Solutions integrates ArmorVox Voice Biometrics technology into the Inference Studio platform

The partnership between Inference Solutions and ArmorVox creates a unique offering to the market. Inference Studio is the only SaaS voice automation platform which allows users to design and build their own voice biometric applications using a simple web based interface. “Incorporating voice biometrics into your enterprise has typically been an expensive proposition,” says Callan Schebella, CTO of Inference Solutions. “By integrating ArmorVox into Inference Studio we are now able to offer biometrics at a price point that is accessible to a much wider audience. It will be exciting to see the types of applications that our customers will develop.”


Auraya partners with Vodafone NZ and Salmat to deliver voice biometrics to the New Zealand Government

New Zealand Government achieved 2.2 million citizen enrolments in the first few years of implementing ArmorVox. Vodafone NZ, in collaboration with Salmat, delivers the biometric voice verification project as a managed service for the government. Auraya was chosen as the voice biometric technology supplier for the managed service and provided high level consulting services for security and usability issue. The NZ Government and has actively engaged Auraya in marketing and promotional activities during implementation of the solution to ensure user acceptance and accelerated adoption

Voice biometrics is transforming customer experience today.

Biometrics shift focus from what you know to what you are. Biometrics use physiological or behavioral characteristics to recognize who you are, and provide highly secure identification and personal verification

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The next generation in voice biometrics is here.

Designed to delight and deliver seamless customer journeys. Powered for consistency in omni-channel enterprise performance. The next generation in biometrics by Auraya transforms user experience and enhances customer loyalty. At the heart of our system lies design that makes authentication of your customers simple, fast and intuitive.

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Overcoming security vulnerabilities with Next Generation Voice Biometrics

A recent BBC article detailed a voice biometric breach that occurred when a journalist gained access to his twin brother’s HSBC bank account. The article exposes some common flaws in the design of legacy voice biometric solutions. A well-designed system would consider the threat model of adversaries so that the risks of a breach are well managed. 

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