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The ArmorVox Advantage

Auraya has gained deep insights from critically examining voice biometric systems for governments, banks, and financial services. Breaking apart systems and analyzing them has helped us uncover how to deliver high security, easy implementation and a delightful customer experience. The ArmorVox Advantage you will gain is much more than a technology that works – it is the advantage of fast easy deployment, automated tuning and optimisation, and the ability to use the same biometric solution in all channels across the entire organisation. Our clients and partners choose us for the ArmorVox Advantage – which is our guarantee of the most desired business outcomes for you.


Verification Accuracy | Proprietary Impostor Mapping Technology | Optimum Security | Speed of Transactions | Machine Learning

ArmorVox uses machine learning algorithms to create speaker specific background models for every voice print of every individual, to deliver the best performance. Machine Learning alogrithms set thresholds for each voice print that are empirically derived to meet the desired security performance for each voice print. ArmorVox uses automated tuning so the solution works irrespective of language, accents and dialects. Fast cross-matching enables multiple Hot Lists and Impostor Mapping to drive down fraud.
Fraudsters and suspects can be identified in real time from Hot Lists. Security thresholds are based on risk and empirically defined security level for each individual. Security thresholds are adjusted for each user using machine learning algorithms. They can be tested by the organization's own security and audit personnel to independently assure performance. The fast cross matching process allows real-time verification in all channels for all users and identification of potential fraudsters in real time ArmorVox uses machine learning algorithms to continuously improve voice prints, background models and security thresholds leading to increased security and easier verification for users.

Ease of Implementation | Pricing Flexibility | Omni-channel Capabilities | Customization | Credibility | Differentiated Customer Experience

Open APIs, self-tuning, exemplar apps and architectural flexibility mean our voice biometrics implementation cycle is 6-7 weeks. We don’t have hidden costs. And we don’t try to lock you in. We are here to support you with your business goals. Choose from CAPEX pricing, consumption based pricing, capped consumption or ask us to customise our pricing model to meet your needs. You can integrate ArmorVox with iOS and Android digital apps, websites, social media, SMS and visual IVR, agent conversations, IVR self-service and secure collaboration, chat, BOTs, face to face conversations, kiosks, wearables and any device with a microphone.
Enrolment options: use active, passive and background enrolment. Customers can enrol any time, from anywhere in a method that makes the most sense for them. Token type: Use text dependent, text independent and text prompted – all in a single software license. Increased choice means easier enrolments and faster uptake by consumers. With voice biometrics, it is important that you find the right partner to execute on your strategy and goals. Our clients and partners trust us for our industry experience and expertise and the robustness of our system. By empowering your customers to access services using their voice, you can proactively address security issues. Achieve customer delight by providing your services in significantly reduced time frames.

Flexible and Upgradable | Speed and Throughput for High Volume | Rapidly Integrates Into IVR Systems | The Complete Voice Biometrics Product

Built-in upwards compatibility: customers stay enrolled even when software is upgraded. Database migration tools available to transition existing voice print database to ArmorVox. Engineered for high speed in cloud and on-premise, on device or hybrid. Exceeds 2.5 million cross match verifications per minute. Ideal for network, hosted, cloud and enterprise applications where a single ArmorVox engine is used to authenticate users across wide range of applications.
Open source exemplar code provides application developers with a fast implementation process for integration to all IVR, websites and security systems. Can be easily integrated to all third party systems irrespective of language used. Highly configurable database architecture. Choose ArmorVox for an internal database or configure for external and distributed databases. ArmorVox uses open APIs. Systems developers and integration specialists can integrate ArmorVox to applications, solutions and services. ArmorVox is the complete voice biometric software solution.

The ArmorVox Advantage has created value across multiple industries

Auraya is a global specialist in voice biometrics technology developer - and has implemented voice biometrics across industries such as banking and finance, retail, healthcare, government and prison services. The team created ArmorVox by leveraging the most advanced machine learning algorithms and cloud based architecture. Our innovation and specialization in voice biometrics helps us redefine value for businesses globally.