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ArmorVox Next Generation Voice Biometrics for App Developers

Unlocking the secure parts of your apps with voice is not only easy, but it is also very intuitive. We already have speech recognition technologies being used widely that enable us to do almost anything we can on our devices. Voice is the new secure password. And your customers will love it. With voice, you can let customers access secure services with a regulatory compliant second factor authorisation that only they can use. Adding a layer of valuable security for your application to complete secure transactions with confidence and compliance. Our biometric engine, ArmorVox, continuously learns about your customer’s voice – the more they use it, making our security performance the best in the industry. Voice biometrics opens more opportunities for your applications to become a more valuable experience for customers.

Voice biometrics is transforming customer experience today.

The next generation in biometrics by Auraya is here to transform user experience and enhance customer loyalty. At the heart of our system lies design that makes authentication of your customers simple, fast and intuitive. Our focus has always been two-fold. We design for optimizing business productivity and for evolving customer trends. Customers today are seeking more than faster authentication and security - they are seeking new experiences. We help you deliver with the next generation in voice biometrics.


Cost Savings

Reduce credit card inter-charge rates by collecting digital voice signatures so the rate is defined as Card Present in place of Card Not Present | Eliminate SMS charges | Eliminate RSA tokens for secure log on and out of band authentication | Reduced cost to confirm transactions | Biometric verification lowers the cost of regulatory compliance with AML and KYC

Delight App Users

No more pins and passwords to remember! People value privacy | All digital transactions will become easy, convenient and secure | Empower customers with the latest technology and security offering | Customer satisfaction improvements by eliminating frustrating manual verification process

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Voice biometric verification for financial transactions can be made compliant with all relevant 'Know Your Customer' (KYC), AML and CTL regulatory requirements | Biometric verification lowers the cost of regulatory compliance with AML and KYC

Security Benefits

Deploy trusted transaction and communication online | Connect voice biometrics to other security and threat indicators to provide enterprise wide security for all channels | Add a layer of security to chat, social media and watches | Lower the cost of compliance by using voice biometrics | Offer trusted secure service from kiosks and bots


Voice alongside fingerprint: double your security, double your benefits

Banks globally are widely incorporating fingerprint technology in their digital apps for customers to securely access their personal accounts and make transactions. Enabling voice prints to be used as the second factor completes the journey for simplicity and convenience and adds high security and regulatory compliance.

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Emerging applications of voice in artifical intelligence and national security: Fintech Finance

Voice analytics can help a chatty bot get a handle on your emotional state and sentiment and respond accordingly. The technology has a more serious role to play in national and financial security. Government agencies are capable of monitoring telephone intercept information and identifying speakers in the calls – a feature that the counter card fraud industry has also adopted to catch criminals.

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Overcoming security vulnerabilities with Next Generation Voice Biometrics

A recent BBC article detailed a voice biometric breach that occurred when a journalist gained access to his twin brother’s HSBC bank account. The article exposes some common flaws in the design of legacy voice biometric solutions. A well-designed system would consider the threat model of adversaries so that the risks of a breach are well managed. 

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