Auraya’s founders have been involved in the science, technology development and implementation engineering of Voice Biometrics since the formative years.

In 2006 Auraya was formed to create a voice biometric technology that delivered:

  • Industry leading security outcomes
  • A user experience that delighted consumers
  • A system that could be deployed within weeks using open standards based cloud or on premise architecture
  • A technology that was available enterprise wide for all channel verification solutions


The team at Auraya has gained unique, real-world insights into key business drivers and customer expectations for voice biometrics as well as deep insights into the evolving market requirements and opportunities. Since formation, Auraya has assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of scientists, customer experience specialists, security experts and software developers. This team created ArmorVox from the first line of code to the latest version release following a vision that was defined in the earliest days of the organisation. The freedom to start fresh with no ‘tech debt’ or ‘legacy systems’ provided the team with a once in a life time opportunity to solve the challenges of creating the very best voice biometric technology.


We aim to verify individuals securely, help organisations defeat fraud and lower the burden of complying with regulations


Our innovations are tailored to individual business needs and help you achieve a differentiated experience for your customers

Value Driven

Our core values guide us in serving people and organizations responsibly and intelligently

Customer Centric

We seek to delight individuals with seamless experiences and help them to unleash the power of their voice.  No pins to remember, no password to forget! Simple secure access on web sites, mobile devices, chat, social media visual IVR contact centres face to face.

Global Outlook

Our ambition is to make a positive impact globally – by relentlessly pursuing our goals and discovering new possibilities in voice biometrics