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Privacy and Security Concerns with Voice Biometrics

Angelo Gajo | March 16, 2022  | 5 minutes


In FindBiometrics’ 19th annual year in review report, 60% of respondents believe that privacy concern is the biggest obstacle facing the biometrics industry.

While most people understand the benefits biometrics provides in improved security and improved convenience, some people are still wary of using biometrics due to perceived privacy and security concerns.

Most people have provided highly sensitive personal data to organizations to establish a trusted account status from their suppliers like banks and insurance companies. Examples of these types of personal data are names, address, date of birth, phone number, passwords, PINs, mother’s maiden name, social security number, name of your first car, and other knowledge-based information. Whilst providing this information at account establishment may be necessary to open an account, continually reusing the information every time a person needs to interact increases the likelihood that the information will become compromised by a bad actor.

People are now becoming aware that many organizations have had their databases hacked and customers’ data has been stolen and is now sold on the dark web, so bad actors can access your password and PINs associated with your email address and other personal data to easily hack into your accounts at organizations where you have accounts.

Biometrics provides individuals with a more secure and more convenient process of verifying identity to access services either online or from contact centers. Consumers are now starting to understand that the potential loss of privacy they can suffer when they rely on old fashioned knowledge-based identifiers puts them at more risk than using their voice to say a one-time passcode where the correct passcode plus the biometrically authorized voice protects them from bad actors and means they have the convenience of not needing to remember or provide Pins, Passwords, and answers to secret questions.

Auraya is a voice intelligence company that develops highly secure, AI-based voice biometrics technology. Its core ArmorVox AI engine and EVA Voice Biometrics application suite have been engineered from the ground up with privacy, security, and usability being top priorities. With Auraya’s voice biometric technology, organizations can replace insecure and outdated PINs, passwords, and security questions. This means that customers are not required to disclose to agents their personal information. This means customers only need to say a one-time passcode or say their phone number eliminating the need to disclose personal information and freeing them from needing to remember an ever-increasing array of secret answers.

Organizations can retain biometric data securely and encrypted within their data vaults secure in the knowledge that the voiceprints can’t be stolen and reused by bad actors. No voice print data ever has to leave the organization’s secured databases. Auraya’s voice biometric technology safeguards organizations and their customers to help mitigate the risks of fraud attacks and protect customer privacy and security. Additionally, Auraya has developed security features to thwart potential fraud attacks such as mimicked voice, recorded playback, and synthetically generated attacks.

If you’re interested in reading more about the security and privacy of Auraya’s voice biometrics technology, you can check out our ‘ArmorVox – Secure by Design’ and ‘ArmorVox – Ensuring Global Compliance’ white papers.


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