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Identify Persons of Interest and Detect Fraud in Real-Time with EVA Forensics

Angelo Gajo | November 9, 2021  | 5 minutes


A person’s voice is a powerful biometric identifier. Similar to fingerprints, a speaker’s unique voice characteristics can be used to identify them when they are speaking. EVA Forensics, Auraya’s voice biometric solution, can be used by law enforcement and homeland security organizations to identify persons of interest through historical audio recordings and live audio feeds.

EVA forensics can scan hours of recordings to find the crucial piece of audio where one or more persons of interest were in a conversation, allowing investigators to spend time analysing valuable intelligence rather than listening to irrelevant audio or missing an important conversation.

Today, law enforcement and other cybersecurity professionals can gain the benefits of voice biometrics through Auraya’s seamless auto-scaling EVA Forensics solution. Powered by Auraya’s voice biometric technology, EVA Forensics is a tool that helps identify and address potential fraud attacks in real-time.

Screenshot of EVA Forensics UI

EVA Forensics comes with a powerful suite of analytic tools that assist investigators when listening to audio, separating speakers, eliminating silence, adding notes and other relevant data, creating new voiceprints and creating custom reports. 

Investigators can use EVA Forensics to listen to audio while watching the audio signal using a Spectrum Analyser. The audio can be edited and segments can be zoomed in or out to fast track the examination process. With these analytical tools, organizations can edit and extract unnecessary audio so that they present relevant evidence. All processing steps are logged so an evidentiary trail is maintained to prove integrity of the evidence.

EVA Forensics is a game-changing solution for law enforcement organisations. The ability to verify an identity from an audio sample and crossmatch it against other voiceprints provides a multitude of benefits for investigators.


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