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How A Pandemic Transformed Contact Centers

Angelo Gajo | April 22, 2021  | 4 minutes


It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic caused people around the world to experience drastic shifts in their personal and professional lives. Many have been in lockdown for a prolonged period of time, forcing people to adjust their way of living. As people moved to work from home, organizations had to rapidly adapt and innovate to continue providing goods and services during the pandemic. One part of an organization that has transformed is their contact centres. Contact centers have changed to accommodate agents working from home as well as the increase in callers calling into the call centers due to physical distancing restrictions. Organizations had to find ways to provide improved user experience whilst maintaining rigid security protocols. One way organizations have done this is by moving their contact centers to the cloud and implementing voice biometrics for secure and delightful identity verification.

By moving contact centers to the cloud, organizations have become more agile and secure. Cloud contact centers provide numerous benefits and flexibility compared to traditional on-premise contact centers. With cloud contact centers such as Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud and Twilio Flex, organizations are more flexible and can scale better. Cloud contact centers require minimal resources such as on-site hardware and software, allowing organizations to scale as their size grows. Upgrading and maintaining cloud contact centers is also easier as everything can be done remotely via the cloud. With cloud contact centers, organizations can continue to operate with a remote workforce. In a pandemic era, the ability to remote work has been essential in an organization’s day to day operations. Agents can work from home and have access to all necessary contact center tools that they require. 

Many people are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic

While voice biometrics can be integrated into both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, many organizations that have moved to cloud-based contact centers have also explored or have already implemented voice biometrics for secure and frictionless customer experience. Being in the cloud means organizations are more exposed to digital cyber crimes, hence the need to increase security and privacy in a cloud contact center. With voice biometrics, such as Auraya’s EVA voice biometrics, organizations can implement secure yet frictionless voice identification and verification capabilities. Callers would simply need to just say their account number or phone number or speak with an agent to have their identity verified. Being able to verify the caller’s identity with voice biometrics means agents no longer need to manually verify their identity every time they call into the contact center. Not only does this reduce costs and save both the agent and the caller time, but it also enables personalised self service, enabling customers to be served more efficiently as well as reducing the agent handling time for calls that needs to be handled with an agent. 

Auraya’s voice biometric technology can also provide fraud detection capabilities in cloud contact centers. Organizations can scan every call and match the caller’s voiceprint to a list of known fraudster voiceprints. This means that agents can be flagged in real-time if the caller is a suspicious or known fraudster. Being able to detect potential fraudsters early on helps mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities such as account takeover attacks and data breaches. 

The combination of cloud contact centers and voice biometric technology has propelled the contact center industry into a new digital age. The combination offers excellent scalability and flexibility as well as frictionless and secure user experience. Organizations today can switch to cloud contact centers and integrate voice biometric technology with ease. EVA voice biometrics can be integrated into any digital platform, including cloud contact centers. It is also available on the AWS Marketplace, so organizations using Amazon Connect can experience its voice biometric benefits immediately.


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