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The Responsible and Ethical Use of Biometrics

Angelo Gajo | March 30, 2021  | 2 minutes


Many organisations are seeking cutting-edge technologies to improve business effectiveness, efficiency and scalability allowing them to stay competitive. However, it is imperative that organizations remain ethical and responsible when dealing with new technologies. Fortunately, there are regulatory bodies and organizations that help promote the safe and ethical use of technologies such as biometrics.

Being a world leader in voice biometric technology, Auraya is a strong advocate for responsible and ethical use of biometrics and is a supplier member of the Biometric Institute. Founded in 2001, the Biometric Institute “promotes responsible and ethical use of biometrics and related technologies that respect the institute’s ethical guidance as an independent and impartial international forum for biometric users and other interested parties.” 

Auraya ensures that the development and integration of its next-gen voice biometric technology is responsibly and ethically handled. Auraya promotes best practices to its technology integration partners and clients to spread awareness of how to properly deploy and use voice biometrics. Auraya’s voice biometric technology allows organizations to comply with various regulatory compliance requirements such as AML, KYC, GDPR and HIPAA. In Auraya’s voice biometric deployments all client data is 100% retained and controlled by the client, ensuring that no customer data gets used for non-agreed purposes.

To continue promoting the responsible and ethical use of biometrics, Auraya is pleased to share the Biometric Institute’s latest resources on the responsible use of biometrics. The Biometric Institute released a podcast on its State of Biometrics Report discussing the topics of legislation, technology, trends and public perceptions with viewpoints from members such as the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Information Commissioner’s Officer (IC) and technology supplier SITA. The Biometric Institute also produced a report, exploring the question of “Should we ban facial recognition?” You can access both ‘The State of Biometrics’ podcast and ‘The Facial Recognition Ban’ paper on the Biometric Institute’s website.


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