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Less Than A Month Until #ACCELERATERegTech2021!

Angelo Gajo | February 23, 2021  | 3 minutes


According to the Harvard Kennedy School, Regtech is the “application of new technology to regulation-related activities in order to shift them from analog-era to digital and computational models”. Many organizations are seeking regulatory technologies to improve business effectiveness, efficiency and scalability allowing them to stay competitive in a technology-driven business landscape. Adding to this desire, organizations also seek to strengthen security as global regulatory compliances become stricter due to the growing prevalence of cyberattacks.

What started in the financial services industry, RegTech has now expanded to many other industries as it continues to become a necessity in business operations today. Cutting edge technologies such as biometrics, big data, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are the main core driving forces of Regtech and are a key part of the Regtech discussion.

To support the continuous discuss and awareness of Regtech, Auraya, a world leader in voice biometrics technology, will be participating in the upcoming #ACCELERATERegTech2021 event as a RegTech Member Expo sponsor. The event, which is hosted by The RegTech Association, brings together thousands of regulators, regulated entities, regtechs, government, technology firms, professional services and entrepreneurs to discuss anything and everything related to regtech. 

The event focuses on four Regtech themes of ‘The Big Picture’, ‘Regulation Innovation’, ‘New Economy’ and ‘Innovation over four days between March 17 to 18 and March 24 to 25. Some of the organizations that will be joining Auraya are Microsoft, FICO, Australian Government, KPMG, Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters.

The event is less than a month away, however registrations are still open for both RegTech Association members and non-members! Register for the event and visit us at our 24/7 online expo booth if you would like to discuss and learn more about regulatory technology and voice biometrics. Don’t miss out and be a part of the discussion!


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