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One Way VPN Providers Can Improve their Cyber Security Measures

Angelo Gajo | July 23, 2020 | 3 minutes


It was recently discovered by the vpnMentor research team that a group of free virtual private network (VPN) applications have insecurely left their servers open and accessible to the general public. This exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) of over 20 million users. It also exposed their activities, even though the free VPN applications claimed a “no-log” feature.

This poor attempt to provide necessary security measures and comply with standard VPN practices could have easily been prevented. If standard security measures were not sufficient enough, VPN companies can implement more stringent security methods such as using biometric authentication like voice biometrics.

With Auraya’s voice biometric technology, VPN companies can implement voice biometric identification and authentication within their internal identity and access management framework, ensuring that only authorised internal users and personnel can access the sensitive data within their servers. Companies can also store their users’ personally identifiable information separately from the collected voice biometric data. This ensures that in the event of a data breach, the highly encrypted voice biometric data can not be linked or traced back to personally identifiable information.

Auraya’s voice biometric technology can also detect and prevent fraud in real-time in the event of a data breach attempt. Generated, pre-recorded and mimicked voices can be detected, allowing companies to initiate proper security measures to negate the threat.

Voice biometrics can also be used for customer-facing interactions such as logging into their VPN accounts or requesting for a password reset using their voice. This can be used to replace text-based PINs and passwords, which are vulnerable to common brute-force attacks.

Regardless of the product or service offered is free or not, experiencing a cyber-attack such as a data breach can be damaging to the company’s brand and the trust of their customers. In today’s digital world, where cyber attacks are more prominent and active than ever, ensuring that companies implement the best security measures is paramount.


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