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EVA Voice Biometric Fraud Detector Gets an Upgrade

Paul Magee | January 30, 2020 | 3 minutes

EVA Voice Biometric Fraud Detector Gets an Upgrade

Allowing Organisations to Manage Fraud Seamlessly in Real-Time

[SYDNEY, NSW, January 2020] – Auraya announces today the release of an expanded set of capabilities for its EVA fraud detection solution. EVA Fraud Detector is used by organisations to provide real-time detection of fraudsters when they try to hack customer accounts or create new accounts.

The new capabilities includes a more robust real-time fraud detection, improved digital platform implementations and a new fraud detection management console interface. This new set of capabilities enables organisations to provide secure customer interactions while simplifying the process of detecting and managing fraudsters.

When a fraudster tries to impersonate the identity of a customer in the phone channel, EVA listens to the caller’s voice when interacting through the IVR, automated bots or contact centre agent conversations. If the speaker’s voice is the same voice that has been used on previously identified fraudster calls, then the conversation is flagged in real-time, allowing the organisation to take appropriate steps to prevent the fraud.

EVA can also be used for transactional activities in digital channels. Whether it’s on a website, digital app or automated bot, or even through a messenger or chat interface, when a fraudster endeavours to initiate a fraudulent activity, they will be asked to confirm the transaction by touching the microphone icon presented on the screen of the device and saying the random digits displayed. If the person doing the transaction is genuine, then this action provides a non-repudiable digital signature that allows the transaction to proceed. If the person doing the transaction is a fraudster, then EVA will detect their unique voice characteristics and allow the organisation to protect themselves from an attempted fraudulent attack.

Organisations can now use EVA’s Fraud Detector management console to manage the list of known fraudsters, listen to highlighted interactions, do analytics and create reports. The EVA Fraud Detector management console uses SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect to maintain authentication and verification security.

The longer-term benefit of an EVA Fraud Detector solution is that once implemented it then deters fraudsters from further fraudulent attempts on the targeted organisation as they don’t want to have their voice recorded by the system; Not only do fraudsters go elsewhere Eva fraud detection provides organisations with the data that allows law enforcement agencies to prosecute fraudsters.

About Auraya

Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology with the mission of empowering people and organisations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages.

Auraya has developed the next generation in voice biometrics technology, delivering easy to use and highly secure authentication and fraud detection capabilities. Auraya provides its technology to end user-organisations via a global network of partners that incorporate Auraya’s voice biometric engine, ArmorVox, into their secure, customer-facing applications and fraud detection solutions. The ecosystem of partners delivers solutions in all industries including government, education, healthcare, financial services, retail services and telecommunications.

ArmorVox is Auraya’s next-gen voice biometric engine designed for telephony and digital channel implementations. ArmorVox allows partners to provide frictionless and seamless customer experience and improved digital security by using its machine learning algorithms and patented features such as automated tuning process, speaker-specific thresholds and background models, impostor mapping, synthetic voice detection and voice collection process from browsers. Powered by ArmorVox, EVA is a ready-to-use, cloud-based voice biometric extension for telephony and digital channel solutions, providing voice identification & verification and fraud detection capabilities into existing business solutions.

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