EVA Deployed for Identity Verification Capability


Auraya announces today the deployment of EVA voice biometrics into an Australian telecommunications company for identity verification purposes.

EVA, the Amazon Connect voice biometric extension from Auraya, has been deployed in by one of the region’s largest telecommunications to verify the identity of individuals by recognising the unique characteristics of their voice. The company is using the technology to make it easier for customers to confirm their identity whilst addressing security and fraud attempts.

Organisations are using EVA to address the privacy and security concerns of their customers and deliver frictionless experience when verifying the user’s identity. All organisations are under immense pressure to guard the personal and private information of their customers whilst making it easier to do more transactions on all the channels that customers want to use. Voice biometrics provide users the ability to simply say their telephone number or some random digits to verify their identity whether its in a phone conversation or talking to a bot. This improvement replaces the cumbersome and insecure SMS delivered one-time passcodes in an application or browser interaction.

The implementation on Amazon Connect gives the company the capability to extend the use of EVA  biometric verification to virtually all customer interactions that require a individual’s identity to be verified, By eliminating manual verification processes such as asking for their date of birth or answers to “secret” questions, the transactions and inquiries are more efficient, easier for the user and helps the company comply with the ever increasing raft of regulations aimed ay protecting the private information their customers. Further, users appreciate that they no longer need to remember PINs and/or passwords.

If you would like to further explore EVA or talk to the team at Auraya on how your organisation can benefit from EVA, send us an email at

About Auraya

Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology with the mission of empowering people and organisations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages.

Auraya has developed the next-generation voice biometrics technology that delivers an easy to use yet highly secure authentication capability. Auraya provides its technology to a global network of partners that incorporate Auraya’s voice biometric engine, ArmorVox™, into their secure, customer-facing applications and fraud detection solutions. The ecosystem of partners delivers solutions in all industries including government, education, healthcare, financial services, retail services and telecommunications.

ArmorVox is Auraya’s next-generation voice biometric engine designed for telephony and digital channel implementations. ArmorVox allows partners to provide frictionless and seamless customer experience and improved digital security using machine learning algorithms and patented features such as automated tuning process, speaker-specific thresholds and background models, impostor mapping, synthetic voice detection and voice collection process from browsers.


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