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Verifying Callers Using Voice Biometrics in Amazon Connect

Angelo Gajo | August 7, 2019 | 5 minutes

Cloud contact centres with voice identification and voice verification capabilities

EVA’s voice verification capabilities allow you to seamlessly and securely authenticate the identity of your customers when they call your contact centre or when they interact with your website or mobile app.

Utilising the power of Auraya’s next-generation ArmorVox™ engine, EVA works seamlessly in Amazon Web Services’ Amazon Connect platform. This blog details how EVA operates in an existing system to provide a better understanding of how voice verification services are implemented.

Caller Identification

When a user calls the contact centre, EVA uses certain information such as calling line identification (CLI), spoken account number or spoken phone number to determine who the caller is claiming to be.

If the caller has a voiceprint enrolled, then Amazon may simply say “To verify your identity, please say your phone number”. This piece of speech is compared to the user’s enrolled voiceprint to confirm that they are the legitimate customer.

Enrolled users can also be verified passively when they speak via the Amazon LEX and answer questions such as “How can I help you today?”. The speech sample can be compared to the stored voiceprint to ensure that the caller is the legitimate customer.

If the caller does not use the IVR or prefers to speak to an agent, EVA listens to the caller’s interaction with the agent and compare the voice samples of the caller with the stored voiceprint. This will indicate to the agent if the caller is a legitimate customer. If EVA does not get a match to the expected voiceprint, then EVA can also compare the voice sample to the voiceprints of suspected fraudsters to alert the agent of a potentially fraudulent activity.

Implementation Benefits

EVA allows simple and frictionless verification capabilities to identify who the caller is in the IVR and offer appropriate self-service options or ensure that the caller is connected to the most appropriate agent. Thereafter, the agent can provide the best possible service since all the customer’s information will be readily available on the screen before the agent answers the call.

EVA eliminates time wasted on asking the traditional security questions. It is also quicker and more secure and convenient than sending one-time passcodes via SMS to callers.

EVA reduces friction for the user and the agent leading to better satisfaction rates. As well as improved customer and agent satisfaction, EVA saves both the caller and agent precious time, which leads to savings and efficiency gains for the call centre.

How EVA Works in an Existing System

EVA inside AWS’ Amazon Connect infrastructure

Utilising EVA’s voice verification capabilities is quite simple and can be deployed in a short time. EVA is an Amazon Connect extension that is also compatible with web browsers, smartphone apps and chatbots.

Additionally, EVA utilises AWS CloudFormation to install all necessary capabilities within an Amazon Connect instance. With CloudFormation, call centres using Amazon Connect can quickly deploy EVA and get the benefits of automated Verification in the IVR or whilst speaking with an agent.


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