AWS CloudFormation for EVA

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AWS CloudFormation is a tool that provides infrastructure and applications as a common language in the form of templates. These templates describe and provide the infrastructure resources into users’ cloud environment, creating seamless and easy integrations. What this means is that users can easily implement cloud-based AWS infrastructure and applications into their cloud environments. Additionally, users can update the templates after implementation to suit their specific requirements.

Since AWS CloudFormation is a powerful tool that can provide great benefit to users, Auraya has implemented AWS CloudFormation for EVA on Amazon Connect. EVA for Amazon Connect is a cloud-based voice biometric extension that utilises Auraya’s ArmorVox engine to deliver secure and accurate voice verification services.

AWS CloudFormation step-by-step

Source: Amazon Web Services

The team of developers at Auraya are continually adding functionality to EVA and the AWS CloudFormation templates are updated to deliver all the new functionality as it comes online.

CloudFormation allows users to easily model, automate and deploy several EVA applications for various use cases such as testing and developing. This one-click deployment means that users can start enrolling and verifying their customers via a fully built cloud voice biometric environment, all within an hour. This provides richer customer experience and improved security, generating instant value.


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