Auraya Attending 2019 Intelligent Authentication Conference

Colourful german houses in town

Co-founder and chief technical officer, Clive Summerfield, will be attending the upcoming 2019 Intelligent Authentication Conference this coming June 4 at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Germany. If you want to meet and discuss with Clive during the conference, send the team ( or Clive ( an email to arrange a meeting!

The event, hosted by Opusresearch, will continue its theme of discussing the implications and advantages of authentication, identification and fraud prevention technologies in enterprise voice and digital channels. Opusresearch and this year’s speakers will provide further detail on how it can prevent fraudsters, build customer loyalty and enable simple, trusted digital commerce.

The key topics for this year’s event are:

  • Latest developments in multi-modal, biometric customer authentication
  • New advancements in machine learning and AI-based identity and verification strategies
  • How to predict and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time for enterprise security
  • Improving the customer experience with layered, zero-effort authentication strategies

Event: Intelligent Authentication Conference
Host: Opus Research
Location: Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany
Date: June 4, 2019 
Time: 9.00AM to 5.00PM


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