Auraya Attending 2019 Biometric Institute Conference

Big Ben clock tower in London

Auraya takes the stage at Biometrics Institute Conference in London to discuss latest developments.

We are excited to present the successful outcomes we have had with voice biometric implementation in New Zealand. Over 70% of the adult population of New Zealand use ArmorVox for banking and government services. Clive Summerfield, Founder and CTO of Auraya, will be delivering the presentation today at the Biometrics Institute Conference in London. Alongside Auraya and the discussion on voice biometrics, you’ll learn more about facial recognition and fingerprint technology at the Conference. All biometric modes have been fast replacing traditional identity and verification methods such as PINs and passwords in digital apps and contact centres. We couldn’t be more excited to support the industry in adopting biometrics over traditional identity verification methods – biometrics offer enhanced security, privacy and convenience. We hope to see you at the Conference today – register now if you haven’t already done so.


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