ArmorVox Voice Biometrics powers Inference Studio 5.0 platform for Broadsoft

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ArmorVox- the next generation in voice biometrics technology is at the forefront of new innovations in transforming customer experience with brands at their contact centres.
ArmorVox integration with Studio 5.0 for Broadsoft

Studio 5.0 has been designed with advanced speaker recognition technology to securely authenticate individuals, streamlining customer requests with faster and simpler processing. The solution reduces time taken to identify and authenticate a user which makes problem-solving for customers more effective, leading to positive customer experience outcomes. This enhances business productivity while boosting customer value.

A solution designed for a multi-lingual population

The highlight of the Studio 5.0 integration is ArmorVox’s multi-lingual voice verification capability which has been rolled out to Spanish and French speakers amongst other languages and dialects for a fast and effective verification in the IVR. Businesses get a distinct implementation advantage with ArmorVox over other technologies as it supports a roll out of voice biometrics to a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic population of speakers.

Another striking feature of the technology is the Advanced Security Suite, designed to deliver seamless customer journeys by making it possible to identify and deal with fraud in real-time, protecting customer assets while making the customer interactions with brands faster, more efficient and simpler.

Paul Magee, CEO of Auraya Systems commented “Contact centres are a critical customer touch point for businesses to create and realize value by delivering a secure, prompt and efficient service. Delivering a consistently delightful experience can result in customers continuing to choose your brand and services over competitors, giving you a long term strategic advantage. This is the ArmorVox advantage that businesses gain by choosing to implement Auraya’s voice biometrics technology, a product of extensive research, deep industry insights and expertise and continuous innovation for radically transforming customer experience.”


Auraya, a world leader in biometric voice verification technology, empowers people and organizations to interact and engage with security and convenience.  As a specialist voice biometric technology developer, we have a track record of delivering unparalleled security performance that is simple to deploy, integrate and maintain whilst delivering the most delightful customer experience.

Auraya’s biometric voice verification engine – ArmorVox– is speaker adaptive, it constantly learns about the customer’s unique voice and optimises the voice print performance with each use. This helps protect the privacy of the individual and the security of the organisation, and deliver a truly differentiated experience for the customer. The team at Auraya has been involved in the science, technology development and implementation engineering of Voice Biometrics since the formative years. They have gained unique, real-world insights into key business drivers and customer expectations for voice biometrics and innovate for evolving market requirements and opportunities.

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