Auraya Systems emerges as a finalist in ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards

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Auraya Systems emerges as a finalist in ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards for outstanding international success in exporting Australian developed technology.

We are thrilled to be recognized for breaking new ground in exporting digital technology internationally. From the outset, Auraya has focused on providing specialist voice biometrics solutions to solve identity authentication problems for multi-lingual global markets.

Our innovations have been tailored to evolving customer trends and individual business needs. We have made a global impact by helping businesses achieve a differentiated experience for their customers.

Auraya’s proprietary voice biometric technology ArmorVox is embedded across various applications around the world, such as IVR, contact centres and digital apps. Our goal is to break into emerging market opportunities in artificial intelligence and voice-enable applications such as virtual assistants, chat bots and social apps to make consumer transactions with businesses faster, secure and convenient.

Auraya’s R&D team is headed by scientists and thought leaders with deep industry experience and understanding of the science, mathematics and software engineering associated with voice technologies and biometrics. The team has built ArmorVox with machine learning capability (embodied in the speaker adaptive and active learning algorithms) and deep neural networks.

Our innovations with ArmorVox are a breakthrough new science in the implementation of voice biometrics for organizations with a multi-lingual customer base globally. Our focused R&D effort and industry experience keeps us ahead of existing research and technology.

Auraya is a global leader with referenceable commercial deployments of voice biometrics across government, banking, prison services, national security, smartphone applications and fraud detection.

Auraya, today, is proud to partner with over 200 organizations worldwide in developing innovative solutions that transform businesses. Our ecosystem of partners continues to grow in new and untapped markets. It’s been an exciting journey and we look forward to collaborating with industry leaders and innovating new capabilities.



Auraya, a world leader in biometric voice verification technology, empowers people and organizations to interact and engage with security and convenience.  As a specialist voice biometric technology developer, we have a track record of delivering unparalleled security performance that is simple to deploy, integrate and maintain whilst delivering the most delightful customer experience.

Auraya’s biometric voice verification engine – ArmorVox– is speaker adaptive, it constantly learns about the customer’s unique voice and optimises the voice print performance with each use. This helps protect the privacy of the individual and the security of the organisation, and deliver a truly differentiated experience for the customer. The team at Auraya has been involved in the science, technology development and implementation engineering of Voice Biometrics since the formative years. They have gained unique, real-world insights into key business drivers and customer expectations for voice biometrics and innovate for evolving market requirements and opportunities.

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