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My voice is NOT my password.
Let your customers pick their own unique passphrase as their password so it feels personal and special. With Auraya, you get to say what you like and we will verify your identity*.

Let’s face it – saying ‘my voice is my password’ to verify your identity and sending $100 to your friend may seem like fun the first time, but saying it multiple times a day on all your apps and accounts may become boring and lose meaning over time.

At Auraya, we pride ourselves on designing solutions that truly delight customers, every step of their journey with your brand. We care about making their experience nothing less than extraordinary.

So our team of experienced scientists, engineers and customer experience specialists put their heads together to innovate the technology and make unique passphrases happen – we are now happy to announce that customers can choose their own unique passphrase.

Not sure how you can implement a unique passphrase for your business? Here’s Auraya’s version of implementing it during enrolment on a banking app.


Our team recommends that you give your customers a set of choices – that includes full name, home address, email, phone number and an ‘other’ option as a unique passphrase. As long as your customer speaks at least 6 seconds of net speech, we get enough voice data to complete the enrolment process.

Customers who choose the ‘other’ option can type in their unique passphrase – such as “2012 Summer Games in London” or “Chivas Regal 18-year-old scotch”, speak into the microphone and complete enrolment. Every time they make a transaction, they need to just touch the microphone and speak the same passphrase for verification – and this can be updated and changed any time.


This innovation achieves two critical business outcomes: one is, not all your customers need to speak in English. ArmorVox is language independent, so it verifies your customers no matter which language they speak in. This will help your organization roll out voice biometrics anywhere in the world.

The second benefit, is the added security you provide for your customer as they all have different passphrases – which means, would be hackers need to know the passphrase of the target which increases the security of the biometric verification process.


Keeping ‘my voice is my password’ as a consistent password across your apps, contact centres and IVR exposes your customers to security vulnerabilities and puts customer assets at risk, and is considered to be a poorly designed security solution. The HSBC twin incident reported by the BBC, where a twin brother managed to break into the voice biometric system knew what to say so it was easier to impost the system. Read Auraya's response to the HSBC's implementation of voice biometrics here.

At Auraya, we incorporate innovative security features such as the random challenge response, synthetic speech detection, speaker specific background models and advanced machine learning algorithms that work in synergy to deliver a seamless customer experience without compromising security – and we are proud of the security performance that we can deliver as well as the delightful customer experience.

If you are looking at transforming your customer experience, have a chat with our specialist team today, we will be happy to walk you through the implementation of voice biometrics for your business.


Auraya, a world leader in biometric voice verification technology, empowers people and organizations to interact and engage with security and convenience.  As a specialist voice biometric technology developer, we have a track record of delivering unparalleled security performance that is simple to deploy, integrate and maintain whilst delivering the most delightful customer experience.

Auraya’s biometric voice verification engine – ArmorVox– is speaker adaptive, it constantly learns about the customer’s unique voice and optimises the voice print performance with each use. This helps protect the privacy of the individual and the security of the organisation, and deliver a truly differentiated experience for the customer. The team at Auraya has been involved in the science, technology development and implementation engineering of Voice Biometrics since the formative years. They have gained unique, real-world insights into key business drivers and customer expectations for voice biometrics and innovate for evolving market requirements and opportunities.

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