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The DeakinDigital case study is special to us at Auraya, because it reflects the innovation of Australian education providers. DeakinDigital has pioneered the integration of voice biometric technology ArmorVox in student assessment portals online and has made the student learning experience smart, efficient and more fun.
ArmorVox voice verification technology by Auraya Systems has been integrated into the MyDeakinDigital member portal. Students are required to register their voice using voice biometrics technology for gaining access to the member portal, which has previously been used primarily in the banking, government, retail and healthcare industries. During the credential assessment process, applicants submit a testimony and evidence of their professional experience and participate in an online video interview with assessors. Students will now register their voice at MyDeakinDigital. During the video interview, the system will verify that the candidate’s voice matches the voice of the person who registered. All assessments and online learning components become available with voice verification.

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