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Avoid Exposing PII to Offshore Contact Centres

Pryathna Sankaranarayanan | May 9, 2017 | 4 minutes


Solving the Offshore Data Privacy Problem

One of the many aspects to the Privacy Act relates to restricting trans border flows of a customer’s personal information. This is where personal information of Australian citizens is transmitted overseas to enable the delivery of low cost services, such as customer care call centre services.

Australian businesses have for many years utilized off-shore call centres to deliver low cost customer service. A core function of any call centre is authenticating the identity of the caller. And for this the offshore call centre needs your personal information. That is; your name; address; telephone number; date of birth; mother’s maiden name and so on.

But there is a solution. Like you fingerprint, your voice is unique. And like your fingerprint, your voice can be used to automatically verify your identity.

The ArmorVox technology is compliant with the Australian Privacy Act; a caller’s identity can be verified “in-country” and under the protection of Australian Privacy Law. Only once verified is the caller transferred off-shore.

And since their identity has now been verified, there is no need for any personal information to be sent to the off-shore call centre. All customers’ sensitive personal information remains in Australia.

Clearly, this creates a “win-win”. It not only allows Australian businesses to continue to enjoy the commercial benefits of low cost offshore operations, but also enables them to comply with the upgraded Australia’s Privacy Act.

What is more, by eliminating personal information from offshore call centres, it has also eliminated any opportunity for identity theft in these offshore facilities.

And perhaps the biggest winners are the off-shore call centre operators. Australians are not alone in being concerned about privacy and protection of their personal information in offshore operations.

The same debate is being had in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, New Zealand and so on. The solution is to implement voice biometric gateways in each jurisdiction to enable global call centre operators to continue to deliver low cost services whilst maintaining compliance with regional privacy practices and provisions.


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