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The Return on Equity of Voice Biometrics - Cost Savings to Organizations

Pryathna Sankaranarayanan | May 9, 2017 | 6 minutes


It’s safe to say that pins and passwords are a thing of the past, with more and more people finding the whole experience frustrating and inconvenient.

Armorvox is a global voice biometric technology that solves this problem- and more. By automating identity verification in various applications, ArmorVox eliminates the need for people to remember pins and passwords once and for all.

The technology has been adopted globally by government agencies, financial services, healthcare, mobile and telecommunications companies.

But that’s not all. Businesses choose to implement voice biometric verification by ArmorVox across all digital channels to significantly improve productivity and profitability in the long term.

Here’s how organizations can save on costs and maximize productivity with voice biometrics implementation.

Divert Contact Center Calls to Digital Channels Securely

Paul Magee, the CEO of Auraya, says the cost of manual authentication in call centres can be anywhere between 10% and 15% of the total people cost of the contact centre.

By implementing voice biometrics, the biggest cost saving for organisations comes from eliminating the need for consumers to call a contact centre – because they can complete their transaction or enquiry in their preferred digital channel securely.

Completing their inquiry in chat or on in an app means they don’t need to call the contact centre. With a technology like ArmorVox that supports secure and easy verification on digital channels such as website, chat and apps, this is now possible.

Automate Verification in the IVR

The next biggest saving is gained, when callers to the contact centre get verified securely in the IVR and can be provided with the information they were calling about by the automated IVR system, again no need to talk with an agent unless they want to!!

Agent handling time with call centre enquiries can be reduced by anywhere between 10% and 15%. If the caller’s identity is verified in the IVR and the caller is presented to the agent with a screen pop of the customer details and confirmed identity status.

Save Time By Eliminating Repetitive Customer Verifications

In addition to eliminating costs agent and customer satisfaction is dramatically improved by eliminating frustrating repetitive personal questions to confirm identity, happy customers and agents deliver multiple value drivers such as increased sales and lower staff turnover.

Sometimes the biggest savings come from eliminating fraud and identity theft by identifying known fraudsters and dealing with them proactively.s


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