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Inference Solution Integrates ArmorVox™

Pryathna Sankaranarayanan | May 8, 2017 | 3 minutes

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Inference Studio is a no-code, SaaS voice automation solution that allows customers to build complex voice applications in the cloud. By integrating ArmorVox into the Inference Studio platform, Inference customers are now able to confirm caller identity quickly and easily, without the need for extensive security questioning.

ArmorVox™ is an advanced voice biometric system based on Auraya’s patented language independent speaker adaptive voice biometric algorithms. Fusing text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted, fast cross matching and gender detection into a single software system, ArmorVox™ allows partners to implement optimized voice biometrics to meet their end-users specific business, security and linguistic requirements. With commercial deployments now approaching 2 million enrolments in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany; ArmorVox™ is a proven technology in applications for Government, banking, financial services, healthcare, IT services, national security and smartphone apps.

The partnership between Inference Solutions and ArmorVox™ creates a unique offering to the market. Inference Studio is the only SaaS voice automation platform which allows users to design and build their own voice biometric applications using a simple web based interface.

ArmorVox™ is currently available to customers on all Inference Solutions points of presence.

“Incorporating voice biometrics into your enterprise has typically been an expensive proposition. By integrating ArmorVox into Inference Studio we are now able to offer biometrics at a price point that is accessible to a much wider audience. It will be exciting to see the types of applications that our customers will develop.”
Callan Schebella, CTO of Inference Solutions

“At Auraya, we are very excited about the partnership with Inference. It brings together two of Australia’s most innovative voice technologies businesses and provides a highly competitive and highly compelling offering in the rapidly emerging global market voice biometrics solutions.”
Clive Summerfield, founder and CTO of Auraya Systems

And regarding Margosis’ recommendation of multi-factor authentication, Auraya provides ArmorVox™, our next generation voice identification and verification solution. With ArmorVox™, users can utilise their voice print as one of the factors in setting up a multi-factor authentication by securely enrolling, verifying and authenticating their voice prints. By using machine learning algorithms to create speaker specific background models and standard features such as impostor mapping, user accounts become more secure with seamless user experience. Further, ArmorVox™’s adaptability makes its capable of being deployed in any platform and any device with a microphone.

About Inference Solutions

Inference is a global leader in the design and development of sophisticated cloud-based call automation and IVR solutions. From an easy to use, browser-driven interface, Inference is able to deliver solutions from simple inbound IVR services to complex pre-routing and outbound services using speech recognition and text-to-speech to service providers and their customers. The result is self-service, cost-effective applications that complement and enhance the Unified Communications and Call Centre offering. Inference has offices in New Jersey, USA and Melbourne, Australia.

About Auraya

Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology with the mission of empowering people and organisations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages.

Auraya has developed the next generation in voice biometrics technology, delivering easy to use and highly secure authentication and fraud detection capabilities. Auraya provides its technology to end user-organisations via a global network of partners that incorporate Auraya’s voice biometric engine, ArmorVox, into their secure, customer-facing applications and fraud detection solutions. The ecosystem of partners delivers solutions in all industries including government, education, healthcare, financial services, retail services and telecommunications.

ArmorVox is Auraya’s next-gen voice biometric engine designed for telephony and digital channel implementations. ArmorVox allows partners to provide frictionless and seamless customer experience and improved digital security by using its machine learning algorithms and patented features such as automated tuning process, speaker-specific thresholds and background models, impostor mapping, synthetic voice detection and voice collection process from browsers. Powered by ArmorVox, EVA is a ready-to-use, cloud-based voice biometric extension for telephony and digital channel solutions, providing voice identification & verification and fraud detection capabilities into existing business solutions.

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