ArmorVox: Four Digit Random Challenge

At Auraya, we take security seriously. Which is why we designed the four digit random challenge – to keep impostors out.

Building on ArmorVox’s highly secure text-prompted voice biometric function; we have introduced a new feature; a simple four digit random challenge response.

Designed to confirm that the speaker is alive (and not a tape recorder); this feature enables ArmorVox to generate a random four digit challenge response which is different every time the caller uses the system. The speaker then has to repeat the random four digits with the correct voice to confirm that they are a live person (and not a recording).

The technology uses Auraya’s patented Speaker Adapted Core Voice Biometric algorithms which offers superior performance and accuracy and which uses machine learning algorithms to automatically optimize the security performance no matter which language or accent is used by the customer.

This new feature allows Auraya’s partners to implement a very simple but highly effective four digit random challenge response into solutions to defeat tape recorder attacks in call centre, telephone self-service and smartphone security applications.