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Biometric Security Solution for Banks

Pryathna Sankaranarayanan | December 15, 2016 | 4 minutes


Like many industries, most banks are fast followers of a few highly innovative oganizations.

Once a new customer service technology arrives, like voice biometrics has proved, banks need to move quickly to match their rivals in adopting the solution. This is the effect we are now seeing in the banking market, with major banks now adopting voice biometrics for automatic authentication of their retail customers.

Over 60% of the population of New Zealand use Voice Biometrics to access government services and well over 30% of retail customers of Bank of New Zealand use Voice Biometrics to authenticate their identity for access to call centres and secure telephone self-service applications.

Biometric security comes in many forms and banks have shown themselves keen to adopt many different types, but one technology above all may serve their desire to improve customer service and regulatory compliance: Voice Biometrics.

Clive Summerfield, CTO of Auraya tells us why. Read the article here.

  • “Like your fingerprint, your voice is unique. So, like a fingerprint, banks can use voice for strong identity authentication and improve customer experience.” Clive Summerfield, CTO, Auraya


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