In today’s competitive environment, technology plays a key role in helping organizations automate and simplify processes, and provides customers with a more personal, differentiated and connected experience. Auraya understands your business vision and your commitment to make your customer experience nothing less than extraordinary. Our technology will not only provide you with a more secure way of verification, but also make your customer’s interactions at critical touch points more delightful.

ArmorVox Solutions • Secure Second-factor Authentication for Transactions on Digital Apps • DIY Password Resets • Voice-verify Contact Centre Enquiries • Impostor Map to identify Potential Duplicate Enrollees • Fraudster and Recent Activator Lists to Streamline Legitimate User Experience • Voice E-Signatures

HERE'S WHY YOU NEED ARMORVOX: 1. BOOST PRODUCTIVITY Dramatically reduce handling time per customer in the call centre Allow more self service in the IVR and digital channels Reduced effort needed to handle complaints related to fraud Eliminate post call authorization processes as digital signatures are automatic Agent engagement increases by eliminating frustrating manual verification 2. COST SAVINGS Dramatically reduce costs as digital channels can verify secure transactions Eliminate SMS charges Eliminate RSA tokens for secure log on and out of band authentication Reduced cost to confirm transactions with mail outs and manual processes Eliminate password reset costs Biometric verification lowers the cost of regulatory compliance with AML and KYC 3. DELIGHT CUSTOMERS No more pins and passwords to remember! People value privacy All digital transactions will become easy, convenient and secure Empower customers with the latest technology and security offering Customer satisfaction improvements by eliminating frustrating manual verification process

4. TEAM MEMBER ENGAGEMENT Implement automated verification to greatly improve agent engagement Allow agents to work from home knowing that only authenticated agents are talking to clients Positive agent engagement equals better customer satisfaction and reduced agent turnover 5. MANAGE FRAUD PROACTIVELY Identify and mitigate fraud in real-time Go from being reactive to proactive at managing fraudsters and nuisance callers Retain a database of fraudsters and suspected fraudsters Share real fraud data across the enterprise and across the industry 6. SECURITY BENEFITS Deploy trusted transaction and communication online Connect voice biometrics to other security and threat indicators to provide enterprise wide security for all channels Add a layer of security to chat, social media and watches Lower the cost of compliance by using voice biometrics Offer trusted secure service from kiosks and bots

Make your customer experience a competitive differentiator today. With our smart voice technology ArmorVox integrated to your systems.